QuikTrip Accounts Receivable

With the QuikTrip Payment Portal, we provide payment method options to allow you to choose how you want to pay for your health care. You can also view your Invoices and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) online.

Site Features

Make a Payment

Login to make a payment. Payment methods on the portal include credit, debit, or flex. You may also mail a check or money order to the Benefits Department. This address can be found in the Contact Us section of the portal.

Check Invoices

Login to view all your invoices online. You will be able to easily view and make a payment towards any remaining unpaid balance.

View (EOBs)

Login to view your Explanation of Benefits. You will be able to easily access information including, patient name, claim type, date(s) incurred, provider, and charge amount. You may also review a copy of the actual EOB. You will have the ability to save the EOB electronically for personal use like submitting a copy to Surency for flex reimbursement.